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Adult Bee Playing cards

Adult Bee Playing cards

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Get ready for the ultimate adult spelling bee! 

We have put together 53 of the most common misspelled words and put them in a deck of cards. 

Be prepared to have endless laughter and fun. There are few ways to play Adult Bee!

Way #1

It is recommended to have 4+ players to be divided into teams. The team with the youngest player goes first! Or the classic game of rock paper scissors (Best out of 3).

Players will take turns alphabetically using their last name!

How to Play:

Shuffle the cards and place them face down. The opposing team pulls a card for the other team to spell. The player has 15 seconds to spell the word that is given. If the word is spelled correctly, the team gets the point(s) that's shown on the card. If the player spells it incorrectly, the team loses the amount of point(s) shown. You only get one chance to spell the word correctly. The word must be spelled like this IE. H-A-P-P-Y Happy!



 Player also can have the opportunity to pass to their teammate if they are unsure how to spell the word. The player must say “Pass” and say what teammate they are passing it to within 3 seconds of the word being given. Teammate has 10 seconds to spell the word correctly, if the word is misspelled, team loses twice the points shown on card.


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